Welcome to Magnum Waterfowl: Alberta's Finest Duck and Goose Hunting! 

   You have chosen the right destination for the hunt of your life…one that you truly deserve!  We operate out of Alberta’s infamous Peace River Valley.  This region is the first site of agricultural farmland that the ducks and geese see after leaving their nesting grounds on the Tundra. This is truly an awesome Alberta goose hunting and Alberta duck hunting experience and one that even the most experienced waterfowl hunter will find amazing.  You will experience vast numbers of several different species
of geese and ducks and take shots that are closer than most have ever experienced.

Our guides offer you the expertise and knowledge of many years experience, along with top of the line equipment to add to the excitement of the hunt.  Because of our frequent success year after year, we now have an 85% repeat  clientele ratio.  Therefore if you are interested in booking a hunt with the Team at Magnum Waterfowl be sure to give us a shout at 1-800-95-GEESE !  

Our team will get the job done with one of the best duck and goose callers and call manufacturers in the industry today in Tim Hankins of Tru-Tone Duck and Goose Calls.  Now, not only will you be hunting in one of the best duck and goose hunting regions of the North America, you will have the opportunity to hunt with one of the best callers in the country!

We are now booking hunts in the Edmonton, Alberta Region!!!!

Tim Hankins

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